Security Certificate Union Data Observer




Full Description

PRODUCT :   CERTIFICATE Certificate SCUDO or Union Data Security Observer is a product of the intangible services class.   CUSTOMER   Responsible for personal data file .  

METHOD AND COMPOSITION OF PRODUCT - SERVICE :   CERTIFICATE SCUDO is a service of certification of compliance  of Europe of the different national legislation with regard to processing of personal data and the free movement of such data people.


SCUDO conforms a compliance audit that will result a CERTIFICATE .

The Data Protection Act compliance audit is based on the following points to check.

High of files in the appropriate level data security. 

Holding the book up personal data.

Knowledge of the employees of their obligations with respect to personal data they work with. 

Consent of those affected to the use of your data.

Effective care of the rights.

Adequate security systems to the level of data security.

Data Destruction.   

CERTIFICATE:   Certificate valid for the current year will be dispensed.   The certificate is hosted on servers SCUDO for one year renewable .   Botton is one SCUDO furnish for inclusion in the web of the controller .          

BENEFIT FOR RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FILE :   THE owner of the file can disseminate their compliance SCUDO relying on certification

SCUDO starts a campaign in print and Internet based on trust that the user can deposit services SCUDO certificate holder , that your personal data will be treated according to LAW. 



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