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   Full Description SCUDO NOTICE AS PRODUCT:   NOTICE LEGAL NOTICE SCUDO or , USE PRIVACY POLICY cookIes is a product of the intangible services class.

CLIENT GOAL   Responsible for personal database with web .

   METHOD AND COMPOSITION PRODUCT SERVICE :     NOTICE SCUDO is a service for inclusion on the website of the particular corporation is composed of all notices, the Data Protection Act and the Electronic Commerce Act , forced to have on the website of a corporation. With the end of the legal limits arising from the use of the web with regard to the citizen and to establish accurate information of the corporation so that the user trusts are using an instrument backed by a real entity.

    FORM : NOTICE SCUDO conforms the DISCLAIMER , PRIVACY POLICY USE cookeis and that the corporation is required to publish at least one link from the main page of your website .

    LEGAL NOTICE:   DISCLAIMER SCUDO manufactures such good during the year.    The Disclaimer is hosted on servers SCUDO for one year renewable .

  LEGAL NOTICE SCUDO one Botton furnish it for inclusion in the web of the controller.

   BENEFIT FOR RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FILE :   THE owner of the file being covered for any claim of infringement Law in regard to its obligation with regard to the warnings , the Act requires the publication n the web .

  Taking advantage of an improvement in their own corporate image .

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