Security Certificate Union Data Observer





- SERVICE : SCUDO PRO .     PRO is a CERTIFICATE SCUDO product warranty, of possibility of appeal to the risk and prevention authority fine for breach  CUSTOMER   Responsible for personal data file with no / minimum prescribed procedure for effective compliance of Law.

METHOD : CERTIFICATE SCUDO PRO is made up of   Compliance Report Law  High of files in the appropriate level data security .

Free Certificate SCUDO   Primary care in the cases :   Request  exercise of rights by a citizen at cost 0

Application of citizen rights protection by the pre authorities fine.

All subsequent procedures , responses and documents.

10% of the minimum possible fine if your warning (called care authority) . And if cost effective fine.

Excluding administrative appeal .

BENEFIT FOR RESPONSIBLE SCUDO PRO FILE :   The data controller may request the warning if initiated disciplinary proceedings Authority appealing to the transitional adjustment situation as reported down

THE owner of the file can disseminate their compliance SCUDO relying on certification   SCUDO starts a campaign in print and Internet based on trust that the user can deposit services SCUDO certificate holder , that your personal data will be treated according to LAW.